Economic growth is a worldwide imperative; many believe greater numbers of innovative entrepreneurs can drive growth. Further, that all organisations need to become more innovative and thereby sustainable in a changing future.  Yet the question of how to foster entrepreneurs is the subject of much debate – nature or nurture and if they can be developed then how to do so ? Then there are different types: Social Entrepreneur, Technopreneur, … 

Obviously organisations need creative individuals, but creativity is useless without the means to turn it into innovation – from ideas to valued use.

 OUR APPROACH   seeks to: 

  • Foster creative individuals working to fulfil their personal dreams 
  • Encourage and facilitate innovation from groups of diverse, hopefully complimentary and talented people
  • Create the environment or culture to turn creativity into valued use

Along with partners at various levels of higher education L2L are currently working to: foster innovation with creative individuals in diverse groups within a helpful environment or culture.  In short, facilitating and coaching people to turn creativity into valued use. 

However, since 90% of attempted innovation fails – it is essential to create “safe and inexpensive” ways to fail, then learn from these experiences and also the successes of other ventures and entrepreneurial programmes. To this end we are seeking to build the mind-set, skills and behaviours that can:   

  • Identify, develop, sell, deliver and sustain new services to new markets in a changing environment 
  • Assess how well equipped a group is to exploit an opportunity 
  • Reconcile the conflicting desires of clients, partners, communities, investors and their own need to develop and impact a double or triple bottom
  • Learn from the Singapore Experiment
  • Develop small (multi-discipline, multi-cultural and /or multi-agency) adaptive teams that can work together to solve emerging challenges
  • Rehearse teams through sales pitches to clients, investors and key decision makers
  • Use their technical skills in the service of bottom line impact
  • Develop T-Shaped skills like:  Leadership, management, teambuilding and networking

 So to enable people to flourish within and endure the demands of any process of innovation


Facilitating and coaching people to develop, sell, deliver and sustain new services to new markets in a changing environment . Working across a wide spectrum: 

  • From multi-disciplined, multi-national  consortia  as they bid, win and deliver multi million pound consultancy for FT100 and Fortune 500 companies and UK Government
  • To a 2 person start-up as they won a National Enterprise completion and the £100,000 start-up funding 
  •  And everything in between:  groups, companies, social enterprises, spin –offs, individuals, schools, colleges, universities, …
Developing small (multi-discipline , multi-cultural and /or multi-agency) adaptive teams to deliver new services into a game changing environment

  •   From supply to demand driven , expert to process consultancy, technical to critical business solutions, ….

 Developing people’s T shaped skills to equip them to work in adaptive teams and create innovations in rapidly changing environment. 

Operating in 19 countries and across the private, public and voluntary sectors 


“We could not have achieved £20m increase in our annual revenue without adopting these skills and behaviours”

Head of Professional Services Division, KPMG Consulting 

 Top team development

“A unique and insightful approach to everything L2L work with us on – individual coaching, training and meeting/workshop facilitation.  They are never afraid to challenge the status quo, but always keen to be relevant to our business issues.”

Clive Pinder  

CEO Metrius Europe and Vielife, 

Entrepreneur in Residence for Digital Healthcare at Ariadne Capital, 

Founding Partner at Healthy Worlds

The whole idea of coaching is embraced and matured as the week progresses. The development of the programme enabled the skills to be learnt, used, absorbed and to begin to feel commonplace. The individuals seemed to have out grown the need for a conventional course. I learnt things with such clarity: team building, the tools, my strengths and my development areas, that I was prepared to own them (because I had learnt all this for myself rather than being taught)”.                                                                                                                                                                                                            Mary Eaton (Future Leader Programme) Unilever

Interactive Facilitation Skills

   “An extremely effective intervention, which really sped up the transformation of our team’s culture, processes and skills development.     We had a particularly challenging set of objectives, and a real stretch for our people;…...  However, the workshop’s methodology and hands-on facilitation got the best out of us all, and we raised our game as a result”

  Robert Fedder, Director of Marketing and Board Member of (HP/Compaq) UK

“One of the best events I have ever been involved with”

 Deputy Director Strategy and Relationships  DCSF

MYLP Leadership Development Programme

The coaching has been good. Discussions held in an open atmosphere, focusing on playing a wider business partner role at the International Board level and getting the best from my team. Challenging me to open up more to the people I work with. We targeted an important activity that gave insight and practical experience in preparation for the topics of module 2.

Chief Finance Officer TNT Post International 


Our focus is upon resolving the live business issues, created by the challenges of the participants engaging in their chosen entrepreneurial activities.  We also promote adaptive teamwork from diverse groups involved in front line experiences.  We have developed: 

  • a taster workshop 
  • an introductory workshop for practising and potential entrepreneurs
  • workshops to support the on-going development of entrepreneurial skills and the live innovation projects participants will undertake
  • Coaching to support the growth of entrepreneurs as they confront their leadership, teambuilding and management problems
Further, we are working with both Further and Higher Education to develop and teach an innovation process and develop “T shaped skills” – thereby fostering the development of entrepreneurs. We offer: 

  • Process consultancy, facilitation and coaching to support Private, Public and Voluntary sector organisations through innovation programmes in response to their rapidly changing environments

  • Facilitation and coaching for teams on their journey as they confront the emerging challenges in financing, selling, developing and delivering new products and services  

  • Coaching and facilitating individuals to develop the T shaped skills to learn their way to solutions, harness their technical skills in support of impact and to confront the personal challenges of leadership, teambuilding and management necessary for innovation and entrepreneurial activities.

  • Experiential learning modules to develop stakeholder reconciliations skills

Articles available through contact us: Fostering Entrepreneurs                           Contact: Mike Boud Director i-PHONE: 07764