Creating higher performance in schools with coaching networks


Leaders for change through school improvement

Leaders for change through developing Further and Higher Education  


An “Outstanding” Special School were moving to a new school building - their teams were charged with engaging the whole school in creating: a safe, settled and robust environment unthreatened by disturbances;  a more creative (pupil led, process based and reflective) curriculum delivered with outside partners,  an improvement to the personal, employability and effectiveness skills of pupils, a well-planned curriculum that fulfils the holistic needs of each pupil with a system that removes the burden of gathering and processing assessment data and in support of all this defining the new spaces and technology needed


Leading Further Education Colleges in London and Cornwall were challenged by Government imposed changes to their Business Skills Courses and Services – this required a move from supply driven (by colleges) to demand led (by each employer). The Colleges took the opportunity to address some additional existing challenges including: [Improving the Learners Journey, Increasing Stakeholder Engagement, Improving Support Services, Curriculum Innovation, Virtual Learning Environments and Workforce Modernisation]


 Fusion a programme aimed at Urban schools (in London and Leeds) all facing “challenging circumstances”. It was designed to enable schools to address a number of whole school issues through an integrated team-working and change management programme. The overarching objective of this programme was to increase capacity in schools to meet their challenges, develop leadership capacity and thereby improve the opportunity for pupils to maximise their personal achievement. 


An “Outstanding” Secondary School consistently achieving some of the highest GCSE grades in the country formed 4 incubation teams to design the space and technology to support a step change in their approaches to Learning. The teams were challenged to engage the whole school in creating:  Personal applied learning schemes, approaches to blended learning, new frameworks and skills for learning.

Those leading their teams gained credits towards their Masters and some have been promoted to new leadership positions  

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