We may talk about Culture but we mean -  Business Performance



An increasing number of organisations are seeking to extend their multinational and global reach by acquisition, merger and partnerships.  Organisations therefore need to engage, integrate and foster good relationships and balance the diverse needs of clients, staff, investors and suppliers. All this within the context of some very different, often conflicting personal, corporate and national cultures

When people look at the same event and derive totally different interpretations – it is often because they hold diverse cultural positions. We seek to build transcultural competence in the groups and individuals we work with. Our focus is upon live business issues, in international settings and the cultural dilemmas they create. By making cultural differences tangible, measurable and their impact upon business issues more transparent we (and those we work with) can link diverse people and their sponsoring organisations through a positive dialogue. We facilitate towards dilemma reconciliation and creating strategies to deliver less waste, better relationships and improved bottom line results

This clip illustrates some of the cultural misunderstandings that can so easily occur - not caused by cultural customs but by deep cultural assumptions and different expectations about normal behaviours


After long negotiations, you sign a major sales contract with a foreign business partner. Sometime later, the whole market situation changes and your partner then asks you to change the terms of the deal.   

  • Your business has become very successful in negotiating sales agreements with intermediaries on the basis of results - rewarding individual initiative and accountability. However, as you move into some new countries this approach has not been so successful
  • Your presentations are generally very successful at generating enthusiasm and commitment. They frequently include humour and anecdotes. However, audiences from some other cultures sometimes respond very differently
  • You are working hard to reach an agreement on a deal. During the meeting, you want to get to the point quickly, but your counterparts continue to ask peripheral questions – you are convinced they want the deal as much as you do, but... 
  • Your company loses a potential partner to a competitor simply because they have been in the business longer; your technology is clearly better, but…
  • Customer demand for a key service has softened. Some of your partners think there's nothing wrong with the service a strong marketing campaign won’t fix. But others believe this shows a fundamental shift in Customer behaviour requiring a new service 
  • You want time intervals for selling targets to be short and frequent and some partners agree. However, others feel clients should be served and kept for the longer term not pushed into buying so that one sales person can beat another


The reconciliation process engages opposite sides in a constructive dialogue to deliver solutions that are better because of diversity not undermined by conflict. It’s important to get both sides of the dilemma together to create the synergy necessary to forge an agreed way forward that will be sustainable

Recognition -of the origins and influence of our history, personality, values + assumptions

Respect      - for the different style + approach [not destructive stereotyping] 

Reconciliation   - How to use the strength of these two diverse positives 

Realisation         - Tactics to deploy this concept

Action Plan        - Implement a plan to change the way we work

Dilemma identification is an elegant method of appreciating and transcending

the complexity that paralyses strategic thinking…..” 


    “You got my people to deliverer fantastic results in just 3 months, something we might have taken 3 years to achieve normally”  

Professor Mariane Cavalli - Principal and Chief Executive at Warwickshire College UK,               Visiting Professor at Hebei University for Teachers and Hubei University of Technology CHINA


We work with diverse groups of people who are seeking a resolution of the cultural conflicts -preventing a performance improvement in their teams and organisations.  Together we recognise personal preferences, corporate and national cultures.  Then we go on to respect and reconcile some key business dilemmas using a repeatable process. We have worked in 19 countries with diverse groups - multi-cultural, multi-discipline,  would be partnerships and mergers. 


We offer a variety of interventions to business students, middle managers and leaders facing the challenges of doing business across borders and cultures:

  • Learning modules that build understanding and competence in reconciling dilemmas caused by personal, corporate and cultural  conflicts
  • Facilitated workshops to resolve an organisation(s) critical business dilemmas 
  • Coaching for leaders and managers looking for strategies to integrate and grow multinational companiest


Our approach will give people operating internationally a deeper understanding of issues, pitfalls and potentials ways to reconcile cultural difference at work. In this overview we have attempted to illustrate the ways in which we can reconcile cultural differences in the live issues raised by participants to achieve better relationships and bottom line results.

Articles available through contact us: Building Multi Cultural Comp.  

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